Space Attractor – Internalized feedback

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Space Attractor – Internalized Feedback

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Stigmergic Morphologies

ongoing exploration on stigmergy systems, were the agents interact with their own pheromone traces and control local dynamic information to influence and adjust larger urban life-processes by embedding intelligence into the formation, organization, and performance of urban spaces.

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008_stigmergic morphologies nss010001_stigmergic morphologies nss0141_stigmergic morphologies0081_stigmergic morphologies nss

swarm fields studies

beside primary rules of swarms, like cohesion, alignment, separation I started to add into this mess of particles, also some attractive force such as gravity or repulsive force/ orbital which will spin either clockwise or counterclockwise, . While on the first example I was playing exclusively with swarm primary rules, for the second example I started to add new rules (those that I mentioned above)…

watch it fullscreen

watch it fullscreen

Speleothem nss::.

Crystallization nss::.

noisiness nss::.

Belousov–Zhabotinsky reaction 002 nss::.

Belousov–Zhabotinsky reaction 001 nss::.

noisy agents 003 nss::.

noisy agents 002 nss::.



noisy agents 001 nss::.

I’ve just manage somehow to recover my 1tb damaged hard-drive data…FINALLY! …I will start to post a few studies I’ve been working on, early this summer, most of them written in processing using mainly toxiclibs library (many thanks to Karsten “toxi” Schmidt ). So ya…enjoy it.

Bolojan Daniel agent fields01

Bolojan Daniel agent fields02

ephemerality 002 nss::.

ephemerality 001 nss::.

recursive studies 002 nss::.





recursive studies 001 nss::.

turbulence vs air field maya ncloth _ nss::.

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turbulence field with maya ncloth 002

turbulence field with maya ncloth 001

strange attractors_processing_nss::.

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gh ornament 002_nss::.

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abstract series 001

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