PollenSimulation – 20k pollen particles GH

Nonstandardstudio’s Gh addon that enables a more generative/rule based approach. Simulating flows of pollen particles.

– 20k pollen particles GH
– wind Field res 1000×800


nss pollem 000 nss pollem 001


nss pollem 003

Space Attractor – Internalized feedback

infb 002 infb 003

Space Attractor – Internalized Feedback

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Stigmergic Morphologies

ongoing exploration on stigmergy systems, were the agents interact with their own pheromone traces and control local dynamic information to influence and adjust larger urban life-processes by embedding intelligence into the formation, organization, and performance of urban spaces.

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008_stigmergic morphologies nss010001_stigmergic morphologies nss0141_stigmergic morphologies0081_stigmergic morphologies nss

ephemerality 002 nss::.

ephemerality 001 nss::.