Tectonic Articulation

tectonic articulation0030
Bearing in mind the three dimensions of architecture task -organization, articulation, signification- and in an effort to create an structural autopoietic system that will offer new opportunities for architectural articulation, the study explores articulation of structural morphologies -through principles of stigmergic collaboration and structural coupling- that will allow the articulation between a variety of spaces by transitions through structural tectonic static morphing.

By self-regulating critical variables of force distribution within a structural system, the ecology of agents is developing an automatic mechanism of self-regulation – homeostasis/autopoiesis system – where the system becomes self-producing, allowing for a correlated and differentiated multi-system. Where like in natural systems, compositions are so highly integrated that they cannot be easily decomposed into independent subsystems. It becomes a system with self-reference and self-regulation which further evolves by using structural coupling. Therefore recognizing that the outside influences cannot shape the system’s internal structure, but act only as a trigger that causes the structure to alter its current attractors.

The ecology of agents allows to correlate multiple systems, and encourage contributive coexistence of different articulation layers.

tectonic articulation0010 tectonic articulation0020 tectonic articulation0040


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