Parametric semiology – surface active tesselation 002

Project Design: Daniel Bolojan, Bogdan Zaha, Robert Loffler
Studio Directors: Prof. Zaha Hadid, Patrik Schumacher, Hannes Traupman, Jens Mehlan, Robert R. Neumayr, Mario Gasser, Christian Kronaus, Mascha Veech

The project’s main focus is to solve the articulations between a variety of spaces by transitions trough structural tectonic static morphing. We are trying by this, to exploit the advantages of a tensioned structure in producing optimized force flows in its geometry and permitting to achieve a great sense of dynamism.

The transformations are based on a series of transitions between tensile structures trough principles of decomposition and re-composition by the tensegrity concept, superimposition and juxtapositions. The primary operations undertaken here in this project are based on surface active deformations. This enabled us to reach a state of high dynamism in shape and composition. The articulation between multiple levels of tectonic superimposition is facilitated by this process. In the same time a better communication within the architectural overall language is obtained. This system is also offering a high degree of coherent tessellation, which in accordance with the architectural logic enhances the overall quality of the space, permitting a coherent reading of the space also by the use of perforation or pattern information inscribed within the surface.

The different tectonic properties are necessary to obtain a higher degree of atmospheric values and a manifold semiotic information.

bolojan daniel sat1bolojan daniel sat2


2 thoughts on “Parametric semiology – surface active tesselation 002

  1. Why can’t I see the videos ? If I click on them, they start and show “dieses video ist privat” on grey and that’s all.

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