gh_floral entities_parametric urbanism 001_nss::.







work in progress…I’ll keep you posted with the design process…


2 thoughts on “gh_floral entities_parametric urbanism 001_nss::.

  1. Hi Daniel,

    its Patrick again after a break. I am working on my thesis project for diploma right now and wanted to ask you about some of your projects. My project deals about a very diverse and differentiated part of Berlin and I am still doind analysis about socio-economic/ecologic/spacial systems and background info.

    An important step would be later on to develop strategies of surface maximization, folding, layering etc, consequently I came across your colony and param urbanism studies.

    For the colony one: is it dealing basically with, lets say surface modification towards different spacial qualities?

    Param Urbanism: your flowers make me wonder about how you generated the geometry. I guess its dealing with lofted section curves, representing urban typologies/qualities.

    What I am more interested in, are cellular systems like foams and sponges. Maybe some frightening crazy ideas are floating around in your mind right now. So let me know about it 😉

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