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bolojan daniel rd4

Principal: Andrej Kalamar
Project Architect: Bolojan Daniel

The investor wanted to build a new house for two families, one for his family (front-family with four members) and one
for those who own the parcel (back-family with two members).

The idea was to create a house which, even if it will serve two families, will have the characteristics of a single house, a plausible idea as long as the specific typology is similar to that of adjacent dwellings. The whole design is based on the idea of transition, gradual consistence, gradual density (front four persons – back two persons), gradual transition urban-domestic interface, gradual transition “gable” roof – flat roof, gradual privacy and from here all the spatial hierarchy that result.

The project was designed as a series of triangle surfaces adjacent to a zone of turbulence, oriented to the two sides of the site. The building mass, although static, reveals openings and alternating high points, that by successive overlaping creates new perspectives and a dynamic character. The surface is divided into triangular surfaces, folded triangular surfaces in some areas, folds that serves as structure.

Shape behavior is similar to that of an object captured in a zone of turbulence, the closer the object is the higher deformation and vice versa. When this occurs, we will have two secondary images that create a main one, front interface – which is more urban and dynamic as an expression, and back interface – which is more domestic and more tectonic as an expression. The closer the urban space, urban activities vs public area, is to house shape, the bigger the surface division factor is. The shape interacts with the environment and adjacent activities.

The same principles were followed in terms of functions, so the function and the shape work together as one body (it is no longer the idea presented by catastrophe theory where a point can be catastrophic macro-and micro non-catastrophic). “Front” house and “Back” house are divided in 3 main privacy areas: public-private, private , private +, recalling the idea of telescopic space. All the functions are displayed and organized around those 3 main privacy areas.bolojan daniel rd6bolojan daniel rd3bolojan daniel rd2bolojan daniel rd3


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