path_pension_balchik_ nss::.

bolojan daniel bp1
The pension site is located in Balchik, a Black sea coastal town and seaside resort in the southern Dobruja area of northeastern Bulgaria, on a terraced hill. The Balchik town sprawls scenically along hilly terraces descending from the Dobruja plateau to the sea. The town also appeals to tourists with its ancient spirit, reflected into steep pebbled streets and houses made of stone and adobe.
The project tries to integrate several detailed characteristics of the city, like teraced surface of the hill, steep pebbled and playful streets with variable profile length, a lot of paths/trails drawn by hikers (on the surrounding wild environment) and covered by a foliage layer.

The building shape emerges in a delicate way, from the surrounding landscape shape (terraced surface) and is based on “path” concept. Under the “path foliage” are organized the pension functions (restaurant, 8 rooms, workshop spaces, technical spaces).
The visual aim of the design is to extend the horizontal freedom of space vertically by opening the various levels into each other and creating a two-and-a-half story high open shaft between them, creating an image that merges with the landscape.
Like in graph theory, the building will function as a sequence of vertices (perspective points) such that from each of its vertices there will be an edge to the next vertex from sequence. The project will archieve a system that generates a dynamic character, and new perspective to the sea from each of its  vertices.  Being a finite path, the first vertex, called start vertex will reveal the first view to the sea but in the same time it will invite you to touch the next vertex, to start to experience the path, the vertex and the edge of the system. The internal vertices/perspective points will alow you to view specific controlled perspectives to main spots of the city, sea and surrounding area.  The public garden represented by end vertex, and also the braided functions (pension function|promenade|and belvedere tower) will encourage interaction between residents and tourists.

bolojan daniel bp0bolojan daniel bp4bolojan daniel bp5bolojan daniel bp6bolojan daniel bp7bolojan daniel bp2



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