peel_ cotroceni house_ nss::.


The C_H is a house located in Controceni neighborhood (one of the most expensive zones of Bucharest) and is situated on a 29.45m x 16.35m lot. The specific typology of the area is that of neo-romanian style villas and adjacent dwelling. The U-shaped plan building will close the urban island, characterized by perimeter housing.

I named it “PEEL” because I imagined it like something that reveals a new layer, something that removes the old hair, something that strips off an outer dirty and old layer full of erroneous conception, something that loses an outer layer/skin, a cosmetic “peel off” masc that exfoliates a deteriorate layer.

The ambition of the project was to show those teachers with old and erroneous conception, that the idea of roof can be pushed forward, and that the roof is not only an object covering a house or drain rainwater. I took the roof idea and made it the pivotal point of the project.  I wanted to think about a roof that has an influence, causes the facades composition, determines house shape and interior space, a “peel” roof that opens or closes the space, a roof that has a personalized approach depending on the space which it encloses.

The interior space is organized in such a way as to provide a diagonal reading of interior space, drawing in this way the idea of superimposed layers and depth of field perception. The functions are organized around an inner courtyard, which functions as a core of the house. The house’s central core, around which are organized the house’s functions, is represented by a west side open inner courtyard .



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